Building Self-Esteem

There are many ways to build self-esteem. We share some thoughts around how to find a sense of well-being with simple activities.

“We become our harshest critic, and constantly tell ourselves to do better and strive for more, otherwise we are a failure.” – Rebecca McCaffrey

As we enter a new decade, more people than ever are struggling with low self-esteem. The rise of social media has led us to share more and more of our lives – albeit in a curated, romanticised form. Longer working hours, economic and social uncertainty and growing political rifts have all left us struggling to find our place in the world and measure up to ever-increasing demands.

At Rampion we like to keep things simple. Here are six things that help anyone find a renewed sense of confidence in themselves.

Invest time in yourself

When we devote time to hobbies and activities that bring us joy, it often helps give us a sense of self-worth. Often when we feel isolated or are experiencing low-mood, spending time with something that is special to us can help to bring a new perspective to how we are feeling.

Record the good things

It’s very easy to focus on the negatives when we don’t feel good about ourselves. It can often seem like our minds are experts at collecting and storing all the bad things that happen to us. So, try making your own journal of the best and most positive things that happen from day to day.

Make Social Media work for you

Social media can help us stay connected, help us learn and help us find amazing content we might otherwise never have seen. However, it can also cause us to make endless unfair comparisons between our lives and what other people are showing us of theirs. Try ditching any accounts that make you feel worse rather than better and see how much energy it frees up!


Studies have long shown that exercise makes us happier. Human beings are meant to move and the more we do it, the better our bodies can feel. Find what works for you and remember to take it easy – the aim is to bring a sense of wellbeing, not exhaustion!

Break it down

Set yourself some small goals. The idea of trying to make a big change in your life can be overwhelming, so don’t let it be. Break things down into smaller steps and just think about the first step. After all, climbing a mountain is done one step at a time.

Give to receive

Often we can gain a sense of our own worth by giving something to others. When we show someone else thoughtfulness and appreciation then we learn better how to give it to ourselves. Often it can feel impossible to show ourselves kindness, so starting with someone else can teach us how to turn generosity inwards.

Hopefully these tips and ideas will spark something for you and you can take a step on a journey that leads to a deeper sense of how much energy and potential for change you really have.

“All humans have the same need – to feel like we are enough” – Carl Rogers